An integral part of our team, paralegal and non-attorney volunteers increase our ability to reach and assist clients every day.  Whether you are looking to build experience or simply want to donate your time, we have opportunities for paralegal and non-attorney volunteers throughout our program.  
You can find opportunities through this website or by emailing

Paralegals can assist us by making follow up calls to clients to determine if they followed our legal advice. This vital project helps us to ensure our clients are successful. Learn more


Paralegals may assist attorneys at a variety of different clinic. Upcoming clinics can be found on our calendar

Paralegals may assist clients with completing estate-planning questionnaires by making phone calls, speaking with clients about estate planning needs, and gathering information to complete the questionnaire. Learn more

Paralegals can assist us with conducting property research to help attorneys prepare for property tax appeal hearings. Learn more

Experienced paralegals may assist pro se parties with completing pro se form pleadings available in the Fulton Family Law Information Center on a variety of issues. Learn more

Interested in helping out with something else? Have a specialty or specific interest? Click here to learn more about other available volunteer opportunities