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Atlanta Legal Aid Society helps low-income people meet basic needs through free civil legal services. Founded in 1924 by 17 prominent volunteers, Legal Aid now has 68 attorneys on staff and 500 volunteers in five counties.  The core of Legal Aid’s mission is to help low-income people navigate the complexities of the court system at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Legal Aid’s clients face evictions, health crises, foreclosure, domestic violence, education issues and consumer challenges that can only be solved with the help of a lawyer.

What we do?

  •     Engage in direct representation
  •     Provide legal counsel through advice and brief services
  •     Promote awareness of legal rights and responsibilities through community education and other forums
  •     Assist with clients through legal clinics
  •     Distribute self-help materials and forms for those we cannot represent
  •     Partner with our local communities, courts, schools, and non profit organizations

What we cannot do?

As a recipient of federal funds, Atlanta Legal Aid is restricted by Congress as to some of the work we are allowed to do.

  •     We do not handle criminal matters
  •     We do not take fee generating cases (medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, contingency matters, etc.)
  •     We do not handle class actions
  •     We are not involved in litigation for prisoners or take certain categories of non-citizen clients
  •     We do not engage in lobbying or rule making

Learn more about our team

  • Learn more about our pro bono staff by visiting our staff page


With five neighborhood offices, three offices in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals, three county courthouse projects, a variety of self-help clinics, and countless community education programs, Legal Aid lawyers and volunteers reach tens of thousands of people annually.  Legal Aid has a rich history of partnering with the private bar to serve our clients, a tradition we continue to foster and expand.  We have a robust list of pro bono opportunities covering a diverse range of areas from caregiver adoptions to property tax appeals.  We work closely with large firms and individual attorneys alike to meet the needs of our community.  This public-private partnership leads to success for our clients.

We provide client intake, screening, legal check-ups, document collection, and review.  You provide discrete legal representation or advice.  You can direct the scope - limited or full service.  Our collaboration promotes access to justice for our clients.  Your interests, your schedule, your experience:  your work, for good.

For more information about pro bono work and our website, visit our FAQs.

atlanta pro bono opportunities, Georgia pro bono opportunities, Georgia pro bono, legal aid pro bono, legal volunteer opportunities

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