Although lawyers are encourage to provide pro bono services throughout their careers they are often not offered a role to play after retirement. Atlanta Legal Aid provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for senior attorneys. Several options are listed below, but senior attorneys can assist with any of our projects.


Senior Legal Hotline

Pro bono attorneys provide advice to seniors over the age of 60 who have legal questions.


Estate Planning Project

Attorneys assist low-income clients with estate planning documents.


Enhanced Services Project

Volunteers follow up with clients to ensure they have been able to follow through with advice on limited matters.


Bankruptcy Clinic

Attorneys advise pro se bankruptcy litigants at this monthly clinic. Clients are not represented, but are involved in bankruptcy proceedings



Property Tax Appeals

Volunteers assist homeowners by determining whether they should appeal their property taxes and advocate for clients at hearings.


Other Opportunities

Interested in volunteering in another way? Reach out to us! We'd love to hear how you feel you could contribute to our organization

Interested in volunteering? Email

Atlanta Legal Aid also provides opportunities for Senior Attorneys to get involved in a variety of opportunities through our Senior Attorneys Program

Senior Attorney Program