Our inspirational client stories from staff and volunteers are both compelling and encouraging.  With your help, access to justice is growing every day.  At Legal Aid Pro Bono, our goal is to make volunteering a great experience for our pro bono attorneys and for our clients.  We provide client intake, screening, legal check-ups, document collection and review.  You provide discrete legal representation or advice.  You direct the scope - limited or full service.  Volunteer with us and see your interests, your schedule, and your experience working for good.  

Volunteer Spotlights

Audra Murphy is a Georgia Tech student intern with our Senior Legal Hotline.  We offer pro bono opportunities for all levels of experience.  Hear what Audra has to say:

Jennifer Whitton, of BakerHostetler, LLP is a dedicated volunteer with our Special Education Advocacy Project.  Recognizing the need for access to justice in education, Jennifer notes, "Without our assistance, our client would have no one to advocate for him."

Some matters may seem simple to those of us who practice in courts every day, but attorney Samuel S. Bruner recognized a need for help, stating "[Practicing law] is a chance to help those that cannot navigate a complex system just as a doctor helps those who are sick."  Sam began helping clients with divorces by publication in 2018 and has helped multiple thankful clients.

The Gwinnett Family Violence Project assists clients with obtaining, enforcing and/or modifying restraining orders in Gwinnett County. One of our volunteer attorneys, Vanessa Kosky, knows from experience how hard it is to afford an attorney and this leads her to go above and beyond for her clients.

When her parents separated, she recalls, “ We had no money, and I remember sitting in our kitchen table, with the phonebook open, calling the local attorneys in our area. No one would talk to us because we had no money. From that day on I vowed that I would assist people at reasonable rates so that no one would feel like my mother did the day she finally decided to get a divorce.”

As a result, Ms. Kosky often takes on additional cases for pro bono clients without waiting for another pro bono referral. For example, more than once after Ms. Kosky agreed to represent a pro bono client in a TPO case through the Gwinnett Family Violence Project, she has also filed a divorce for the same client without seeking a fee. Ms. Kosky's passion for pro bono work is evident to anyone who meets her. When asked what she enjoys most about working with pro bono clients, Ms. Kosky says "every day I am reminded that I have the power to assist people in their most trying times, regardless of their ability to pay. Sometimes a hug, a thank you or even a short e-mail years after my representation has ended is more rewarding than all the money in the world."

Attorney Naomi Day has assisted several clients with seemingly hopeless landlord tenant issues.  "It is difficult to find ways to give back to the community that you can directly see results immediately. It is very gratifying to me. I love being able to actually see my efforts affect someone’s life in a positive way.

Seeing children in poverty and without a warm place to lay their heads at night, right in my own zip code, really breaks my heart, so anytime children are involved, I am especially motivated to find a resolution or donations in order to help them be comfortable and safe.

By helping ALA there is no concern that my donation or time spent are being misused. I know that every minute I spend helping someone from ALA is time spent worthwhile with stellar assistance. Having ALA as a support system to conduct the cases is crucial in order to maintain balance with my service work and my own private practice."

Donor Spotlights

The work we do every day at Legal Aid is made possible through a long-standing financial partnership with the Metro Atlanta legal community.  Our donors are invested in providing access to justice through the support of free civil legal services provided by Legal Aid.  Hear why our donors give in their own words:

From Tucker Ely, a Partner at Fellows LaBriola, "The services that Legal Aid provides are critically important to our community and there is no more important contribution that our firm makes..."

From Board and Executive Committee member Michael T. Nations, "This effective and well-run organization deserves widespread support - especially from those of us who are privileged to be members of the legal profession."




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