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The Health Law Partnership’s (HeLP) primary premise is that attorneys can intervene to improve the physical, social, and economic environments in which many low-income children live, resulting in their improved health
and quality of life.

The social, economic, and physical conditions in which children live can all seriously affect a child’s health. For example, poor housing conditions, such as the existence of unsanitary conditions or lack of heat, can exacerbate health conditions like asthma, the nation’s most common chronic childhood illness. Poverty can prevent children or their families from obtaining needed medications and other medical treatment. Lack of protection from domestic violence can result in serious injury. Failure to protect the legal rights of developmentally disabled children can lead to their inability to get remedial special education or other needed services.

HeLP assists eligible clients with the following types of legal problems that can threaten health improvement and access to care:

    Access to healthcare (e.g., Medicaid, PeachCare, private health insurance)
    Consumer (e.g., payment of medical bills, debt relief)
    Disability (SSI)
    Education (e.g., special education needs, school discipline problems)
    Employment (e.g., Family and Medical Leave Act benefits, employment discrimination)
    Family law (e.g., domestic violence, child support) .Housing (e.g., unsafe or unsanitary living conditions, evictions)
    Permanency planning and consent for care (e.g., wills, Advance Directives, guardianships)
    Public benefits (e.g., TANF, food stamps).

HeLP does not take cases involving medical malpractice, criminal charges, or situations where our office may be in conflict with the child’s best interest, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta Legal Aid Society, or Georgia State University College of Law.

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